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Do You Do It or Does It Do You

📚 Do You Do It or Does It Do You
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Do you do it — that is, are you really in charge of your intentions, emotions, and actions? Or, as Alan Watts suggests, is the universe doing you — manifesting the grandeur and wonder of the cosmos through the astonishing phenomenon known as “you”?

On Do You Do It or Does It Do You?, legendary spiritual entertainer Alan Watts invites you to peek behind the curtain and learn that you are not just a performer in life’s drama — you are also the one who writes the script.

Alan Watts’ undeniable gift for startling audiences into deeper levels of insight made him the West’s most celebrated ambassador of Eastern spirituality. Now, carefully chosen from the Watts audio archives, comes this teaching session that exemplifies his sublime vision, accessibility, and humor. Join Alan Watts as he illuminates such topics as:

Which reveals the true nature of the universe, a telescope or a microscope? How to observe your life from both perspectives
• The figure and the background—why you are, paradoxically, exactly everything you are not
• Life is a symphony, not a foot race — the art of living versus “getting things done”
• What it means to “go with the flow” — when all your decisions and actions are no longer forced, but arise naturally from your greater self, and more
Do You Do It or Does It Do You? is one of Alan Watts most engaging and profound seminars, bringing his trademark eloquence and mischievous insight to the possibility that we may be much more than who think we are. Includes rare guided-meditation sessions with Alan Watts.