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The Truth About Bible

📚 The Truth About Bible
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“The Truth About Bible Versions” is a short, easy-reading book that provides undeniable proof that today’s most popular Bible versions have been tampered with.

• Critical doctrines have been cut out.
• Unbiblical false doctrines have been added.
• Dangerous New Age teachings have been inserted.
• Verses that prove Jesus is God have been changed to hide that fact.

This book quotes many verses from various popular versions, revealing these dramatic and disturbing changes. When you see how multiple versions translate the same verse, you will become convinced that men with an agenda have changed God’s words to make the Bible conform to their own personal beliefs.

You will also learn about one Bible that never inserts false doctrines. It faithfully exalts the Lord Jesus Christ when others demote Him, and never adds New Age teachings.

Has YOUR Bible been corrupted?

If you believe all Bible versions say the same thing, you have been deceived. If you believe the goal of modern Bible versions is simply to make God’s word easier to understand, you have been doubly deceived.

You probably don’t have the hundreds of hours to do all the research that went into creating this book. But if you want a Bible you can believe, trust, and read with confidence, you need to invest the 45 minutes it will take to read this eye-opener.

If it is important to you that your Bible is free from man’s corruptions, then this book is must reading.